The RONG Agency is a full service digital communications Agency. Started in 2018 by Max de Vries as an Influencer Marketing Agency, the love for all things marketing and communications was too strong and soon there were other projects outside of our Influencer-centric focus that we were doing for our customers.


In 2022, The RONG Agency is a small team of dedicated professionals that can deliver anything from media strategy to campaign concepts to final production. Our #1 asset is speedy flexibility and the promise that we will handle your projects ourselves; you’ll be working with the people you chose to work with from the start.



Digital at heart with an unmatched track record in social campaigns and influencer marketing, we are interested in and curious about any challenge you throw at us. See our cases for references of our recent work or just give us a shout to check if your challenge might be something we can help you with.



Maybe you need a few attention grabbing and clever social posts, or maybe you’re looking to launch that one new product that will decide the future of your company: we’ve been there and done that. Our clients choose to work with us for our flexible and personal approach, and because our core team has an unmatched track record in international advertising, events and communications. 


Have a look at our recent work and see what working with can look like.


We’re not a dedicated Influencer Marketing agency, but we sure have IM credentials that outmatch most IM specialists. If you want to set up an Influencer campaign, want to get an idea of a few ambassadors that would work for your brand or want to book one of our in-house talents, look over here. (here als link naar pagina)

Marije van der Made - The rong agency
Jessie Maya - The Rong Agency


We love advertising in all its forms, but sometimes a little extra knowledge and passion is needed. At BIJCK, we’re about that motorcycle life. If your brand lives in the motorcycle scene, this is where you need to go have a look to see what we at BIJCK can do for you.