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Kia Nederland Agency of record

Since the spring of 2021, we've been Kia Nederland’s full service Agency of record. Everything you come across in the media comes across our desks. From TVC adaptation and VO recording to writing and recording Radio Commercials, creating immersive and gorgeous (digital) OOH visuals and coming up with creative online campaigns time and time again.

Kia NL

Bosch / Siemens Blue Movement

For Bosch/Siemens’ newly rolled out subscription service BlueMovement, we’ve built their online presence through social and paid campaigns, plus we set up a unique influencer network campaign that spanned three months and three flights. BlueMovement challenges us every time and allows us to show our social specialism and modular approach to asset creation to its fullest. Ask us about the details of this impactful and quick turnaround-work.


TrueKinetix Rebranding & Campaign

A true Dutch challenger brand, TrueKinetix is going head first into the world of indoor cycling with their unique True technology. After many internal strategy and creative sessions the direction was clear: we want to own the revolution that we are. Under the True Revolutions banner, TrueKinetix will keep producing innovations and with our fresh update to the visual style and cheeky copy they’re ready to take the world by storm!


Interpolis Fire Safety Influencer Campaign

Keeping your house safe from fire is important. As an insurance company, Interpolis wants to make sure that their customers know about home safety. But what’s even more important is that Interpolis becomes known as the insurance company that is all about preventing damage to make sure your life is more comfortable. Because not only is it stressful to deal with damage, fewer claims also lead to lower prices for the consumer. To get this message across we created an impactful campaign where famous Dutch creators like Hugo Kennis, Bart’s Boekje and Interiorjunkie shared their tips and tricks for making sure your house is safe from fire. Interpolis then used their tips in a few articles on their own blog, making sure their website slowly becomes a home for knowledge on all things that keep you from harm!


Basic-Fit #HomeGymDay

At a time when everyone was locked down at home and we all needed a little boost, Basic-Fit encouraged people to join them for a full day of free exercise classes from the comfort and safety of your own home! We were asked to find a suitable selection of creators and influencers to spread the word about the events before they happened, and to encourage people to join them in the classes on the day itself. We looked beyond the staple fitgirls and -boys and worked with people that had a dedicated following and an enthousiastic vibe. #HOMEGYMDAY became the biggest from-home sporting event ever with 17.2 million viewers!

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